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The Air Buddy pony bottle set shown on the left is being offered at a special sale price with accessories to fill it from a standard air fill whip or from any other standard scuba tank. Click on the picture to the left for details.

Product Notice

We have introduced a new diving Laser for 2020.  It is smaller, brighter and has many more advantages.  Click on the picture to the left for details.

 air buddy

The Air Buddy is the only alternate air source to give you up to 20% more breathing time on whatever amount of air you have available to use.  This will work on pony bottles or the tank on your back. It will fit on your BCD, your pony bottle or can be used instead of the old fashioned "octopus rig" hanging on your firt stage.

The Power Beacon not only lights up the vertical shaft with a solit or flashing light, but puts out a beam of that light from the top end that can be used as a badk up flashlight, especially when you want to look in holes for fish when a white light would startle and frighten them.

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To bring you the best prices possible on interesting SCUBA gear, we have limited our assortment to very special items.

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We can't offer you FREE parking or FREE airfills, so we offer what we can. If you have any questions concerning sport scuba diving please feel free to send us an Email at info@divesales.com.  Your question will be answered by an instructor trainer. You do not need to purchase anything from us. We are happy to help.