We have established and operated SCUBA training programs and dive shops for the US Air Force and US Navy in overseas locations.

This Internet Dive Shop branch of Oceanco Ltd. was established in 1995 for the purpose of providing a source of high quality SCUBA equipment for SCUBA divers all over the world, at a reasonable price. Riding with the wave of the future, we have closed all of our retail locations and retained only warehouses in various parts of the country. We now offer our gear only through the internet and some retail distributors. 


We still offer the same excellent customer service. Please feel free to ask for advice on any subject concerning sport diving. We will have an instructor or instructor trainer answer your question if possible. You can find our phone number and email address on the "Contact" page.


We receive questions from customers who have been told by someone that if they purchase diving equipment or Scuba gear from the internet it will not have a warranty. The truth is that some diving equipment manufacturers try to control the price of their items by threatening not to honor their warranty if the item was not purchased from one of their "authorized" sources which do not give discounts.
It is our belief that they are in violation of various "restraint of trade" laws that we have in the United States. We further believe that they are legally responsible to you for their scuba equipment no matter how you came to own it. As an extreme example, we believe that they are responsible for their scuba equipment even if you received it as a birthday gift from someone who bought it from someone who stole it from someone who bought it on the internet. Also, you are under no obligation to mail in a warranty card for the warranty to be legally valid.
The United States is founded on an economic system that sets the market price based on the laws of supply and demand. We attempt to encourage competition by offering you the lowest prices that we can. Competition is one of the most important factors that made our country the strongest in the world.
Most of everything we sell comes with the full manufacturer's warranty. Occasionally we purchase items from other scuba gear dealers rather than directly from the manufacturers. We then discount it to what we feel is a fair price. Everything we sell is brand new. If you have a question about any item we sell, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask.