Pony Bottle Rig - deluxe

Air Buddy Bottle
The Ultimate Alternate

Your safest alternate air devicesale notice

This is the newest in personal safety equipment
The ultimate alternate air source that overcomes the drawbacks of all the other systems.

This is the best and safest personal pony bottle made.
Compare the list of features below.
Don't trust your life to anything less.
 The set includes:pony bottle set
  • Air Buddy AB-2000 alternate air source from Oceanco.
    The Air Buddy, because of the way it reduces the carbon dioxide content of your next breath of air allows you to get up to 20% longer breathing time on the bottle than you can get using the old style regulator second stage pony bottle.
    The use of the Air Buddy instead of the common diaphragm second stage used on older pony bottle rigs means that there is no worry about losing your emergency air supply to free flow. The Air Buddy will not free flow.
    • 6 cu.ft. 3,000 psi aluminum pony bottle
      Don't mistake this for a "Spare Air".
      While it is almost the same size, when used with the Air Buddy it can give you up to almost 2.5 times the breathing time you can get with the largest "Spare Air".
      You won't have to worry about having enough air to get back to the surface.
    • Miniature pressure gauge. This gauge is only a half inch in size but will tell you at a glance how much air remains in the bottle. No need to worry if you have enough air to do a safety stop or if you have to hurry to the surface.pressure guage
      And even more important, a glance at the gauge before you get in the water will tell you if you are diving with a full pony bottle.
    • Both a high pressure safety valve and a low pressure safety valve. Have you seen that on any pony bottle rig in the past?
      Nothing has been left to chance to ensure your safety.
    • Air Buddy mouthpiece swivel mount.
      The swivel mount means you can put this in your mouth and use it with ease in any position.
      It will work equally well with the bottle upside down, right side up or sideways.
      In an emergency, why need to fumble with your safety equipment?
    • TWO Accessory air fill adapters at no extra charge.
      This can be filled from the air whip at any air station where you fill your regular tanks or you can fill it from another standard tank with the other adapter.

    pony bottle rig from the topThe Air Buddy Bottle is the ultimate in convenience and safety. The 6 cu.ft. tank is 11 inches long and 3.2 inches in diameter. That's about the size of the water bottle you clip onto a bicycle or that a jogger would carry. It weighs 4 pounds ready to go. In the water, it is a negative 1.5 lbs full and 1 lb empty.
    If you like, you may select to have a 13 cu.ft. tank instead. It is 13 inches long and 4.375 inches in diameter. It will give you more than twice as much air.
    It weighs 8 pounds ready to go. In the water, it is a negative 1.6 lbs full and .7 lb empty.
    If you would like to have the 13 cu.ft. tank instead of the 6 cu. ft. tank you can make that selection when you place your order below.

    The Air Buddy will actually increase the breathing time on your pony bottle by as much as 20%.
    That may be very important in an out of air situation.
    This system eliminates the problems that are part of using a normal regulator second stage for an alternate air source, either as an octopus or built into the power inflator of a BCD. A regulator 2nd stage, including all of the ones currently built into the power inflators of BCDs have a diaphragm to operate the air valve in the low pressure hose. That works good for a primary breathing source but is not really good for your alternate air source. If that second stage is adjusted for easy breathing, it will free flow while you are diving and lose air. If it is set to not free flow (called "detuning" by some companies) it will be hard to suck air from it during an emergency. The last thing in the world you want when you have an out of air emergency is an air source that fights you for the air.

  • Just squeeze the mouthpiece with your lips to get air. When you stop squeezing the air stops. You have no mouthpiece to clear. Its the easiest to use.
    If you squeeze it gently you can sip air slowly.
    If you squeeze it more forcefully, you can breathe as heavily as you need to when under physical stress. You adjust the amount of air by how hard you bite on the mouthpiece.
    It can be carried in hundreds of different carrying cases made for small water bottles available in sports, bike and running shops all over. It's small enough to hang from a D ring or stick it in the pocket of your BCD.