Turtle Shell Case Features

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Protect your valuable documents, jewelry, cameras, guns, food and many other things that are vulnerable to water, corrosive air, wild animals, thieves and even children.

     Attributes of  the Turtle Shell Case

  • Crushproof
  • Two built in locks with keys
  • Practically Unbreakable
  • Airtight
  • Waterprooffoam insert
  • Lockable
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Corrosion Proof
  • Shatterproof
  • Rugged
  • Lightweight
  • Dent proof
  • Non conductuve
  •  Scratch resistant
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Will float with your gear in it
  • Odor proof - good protection for food from bears and other wild animals
  • Extreme weather and climate proof
  • Four spring assisted security latches  (not two as is common in other cases)
  • Finger tip release for heavy duty latches
  • Fits airline overhead compartments
  • Four layers of protective foam
  • Fitted layers of pre-cut high density pluckable foam
  • Screw down air lock seal to relieve atmospheric pressure.
  • Ergonomic handle large enough to use wearing gloves
  • Will accept up to two of your own locks to lock it closed
  • Special, locking steal cable to lock it to external object available
  • Made in the United States

 Besides the obvious imortant use of keeping your valuable and delicate equipment such as cameras, boat electronics, laptops and such, take a look at

some of the other uses owners have put it to.

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 Available in minimum quantity of 25 pieces.  Contact us for information