Special uses of the Turtle Shell Case

Here are the winners of the most interesting ideas for the

2008 Turtle Shell Case Contest 

tornadoWe live in a an area that gets both floods and tornados.   I keep our most important documents and photos in the case. Any time we get a storm warning we put anything else in the case that we have at the time that we can't afford to lose and use the locking cable to attach the case to a water pipe. I know that even if our roof and walls blow away or the house is filled with four feet of river mud, the stuff I put in that case will be safe and dry when I get back to it.


When on a camping, hunting or fishing trip, I use a Turtle Shell Case to store my food and other beararticles that have a smell, such as toothpaste and soap,  that might attract bears.  Because the case is airtight the bears can't smell the stuff inside. I don't even have to keep the case in the tent with me because nothing can hurt it. I leave it outside my tent at night, confident that water, insects or even bears can't get into it.



I mountmotorcycleed two of the cases to the sides of my bike as super saddle bags. I had to drill some holes in the bottom of the case to bolt it to the struts, but now I know nobody is going to mess with my stuff. I also expect these super strong cases will protect my legs in case a grease spot in the road lays me down. I mounted them so the lid of the case opens down to make it easier to get at the stuff.  I had one mounted on the luggage rack behind the sissy seat on my previous bike. 


As a Korean, I love my kimche, which is not only a most deliscious food but one with a strong odor. I Kimchetravle a lot, and always had the problem of people looking in my direction in the airplaine or terminal, assuming that that odor was coming from me. Of course, they were right. Now, I use a Turtle Shell Case as my carry-on bag and it completely prevents the smell of my kimche from getting to the other passengers.

 as a safe

I screwed a large Turtle Shell Case down on the floor of my bedroom closet and keep it locked. I use it like a safe to keep my few valuables but also some small recreational items my wife and I have for special times, that we don't really want our children to find.


rafting My wife and I are white water rafting enthusiasts. We always use a Turtle Shell Case to carry our wallets, cameras, keys, lunch and anything else we don't want to get wet. It keeps everything safe from spray, and in case we capsize, we know it will float. We have a length of rope tied to the handle  and to the boat so we can't lose it .


I added a new twist to using the Turtle Shell Case as a container for my pistol with cableso my sons can't get at it and to prevent them from carrying the entire locked case out of the house, I screwed 2 eye screws into the wall,. I run your security cable through the two eye screws which prevents them from being unscrewed. It was simple and adequate. NOTE: Since this suggestion came in, we now supply two eye screws with each cable. You can quickly lock your case to a flat wall, a large tree or any other suitable wooden surface


I never travel anywhere without using my Turtle Shell Case as my carry on bag. I carry my lap top, on airline rackcamera, airline tickets, passport, and anything else of value, with me when I leave my hotel room.  I carry a small padlock to protect the contents, but I also carry the security cable. It used to be that when I sat down in a restaurant to have a meal, I had to keep one eye going to my camera bag to make sure someone wouldn't sneak up behind me and run off with it. Now, it takes only a second to cable the case to the armrest of my chair in a restaurant or transit lounge which prevents a thief from walking off with it.


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