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The oldest SCUBA shop on the Internet, and one of the oldest in existence.

About us

To bring you the lowest prices possible, we have limited our assortment of SCUBA gear to only those things we feel we can offer you at real savings. 

You'll find such standard scuba gear as Luxfer aluminum scuba tanks and Worthington steel scuba tanks which are the best in the industry. Other scuba gear would include wet suits, lift bags, dive lights, personal scuba sonar units, green lasers, metal detectors, etc.shark and scuba divers

If we can't offer scuba gear to you at a better price than you can get it elsewhere we simply don't list it.  If you find any of our items at a lower price or if you can't find something you are looking for, please let us know by Email to info@divesales.com .  Sometimes we have items that we have not yet listed or do not have enough inventory to list them.


We can't offer you FREE parking or FREE airfills, so we offer what we can. If you have any questions concerning sport scuba diving please feel free to send us an Email at info@divesales.com.  Your question will be answered by an instructor trainer. You do not need to purchase anything from us. We are happy to help.