NuPro Camera

The fabulous military grade sports camera in its handy carrying case.


Nupro cameraThe finest sports camera you can buy at a very low price with the accessories to mount it on your helmet, bike, car, etc. 

12 Megapixel image

35 advanced camera settings available

or let the camera make the setting decisions

Waterproof metal camera

Does not need to be put in a case to go in the water

Dives to 60 meters.

All operations with only 2 for camera

Take it out of your pocket and push the right button to turn it on.

Push the right button again and it is shooting video.

Push the right button again and the video stops.

Push the left button to switch it to a still camera.

Now when you push the right button it makes a single image.

Push the left button to start it recording voice.

Use the left button to select the menus for all the camera setting you would find on a fine SLR camera such as ISO, 3 shot burst, white balance, motion detections, shutter speed, and on and on.

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NuPro Camera