Doskocil cases


It's not a Pelican case.
It's a Doskocil.

Doskocil case

Doskocil Seal-Tight, the safest equipment case made.


NOTE: Doskocill cases are not made anymore.  They have been replaced by the Turtle Shell Case.

The construction, size and security of both cases is the same.  The Turtle Shell Case is just loaded with extra features at a higher price.

If you want the security at a modest price, Doskocil is the way to go.  We have a limited supply left and must stop selling them when we run out.

We felt we needed to explain the difference between Doskocil and Pelican cases, because at first glance, they look pretty much the same. The Pelican is probably the most famous equipment protection case for SCUBA divers. It is a really great case.

The Doskocil was designed primarily for photographers who might need to carry a $10,000 to $30,000 high tech camera outfit into dangerous areas. As such, it is made of the same material as the Pelican cases, but the solid material to air ratio is increased to make the case stronger. Also, to prevent an accidental opening of the lid, there are four latches instead of only two. Because of the extra strength and security in a Doskocil, it has also become popular with people who are particularly concerned with safeguarding firearms.

Since Pelican cases are probably strong enough for any SCUBA purpose, we would not suggest that divers spend extra money to purchase the stronger Doskocils. If they were the same price we would recommend Doskocil. However, we have made arrangements to be able to offer you the Doskocil cases at considerably less money than the Pelicans, making them a fantastic bargain.

If you own expensive life support equipment, regulators, gauges and/or computers, and expensive underwater camera equipment, you owe it to yourself to protect it with the very finest protective cases available, especially now that the price is so low.

We know that at first glance this will look like a Pelican case to you.

So we need to point out some differences.
You will notice in the picture that this case has 4 latches to keep the cover closed instead of just 2. That's twice as strong. Remember, all the structural strength of these amazing virtually unbreakable cases and air tight O-ring seals don't mean anything if an accident pops your case open. And it doesn't hurt that the Doskocil is a bit stronger to start with.

What's the same? Both kinds have lifetime warantees as being unbreakable and dust and water tight.
Both have O-ring seals, pressure release valves and facilities for you to add a padlock. Both have that great cube cut foam interior that you can pluck out to form fit the case for your own gear.

Are there any other differences you can look at to decide between them? Yes. The Pelican cases come in a wider assortment of colors. The Doskocil come in only black or metallic gray. The Pelican cases come in a wider assortment of sizes. The Doskocils come in only two sizes.

But, if the size and color of the Doskocil will serve your needs,
we'll give you a price that will knock your booties off!

Check out these comparison sizes (inside dimensions) and prices:

Make Item # Length Height Width Price
Pelican 1500 17 11-3/4 6 $136.35
Doskocil 65300 17-1/8 12 7-1/4 $65.00*
*plus $14 s/h fee to any address in the lower 48 states. For shipping to other areas, please contact us.