Air Buddy for BCD Details

 air buddy
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The quick connect Air Buddy for the buoyancy compensator.
 Air Buddy on BCD
The AB-911-BCD without a nylon ring is intended for sport divers  who will never go below 130 feet and will not be diving in currents  or with equipment. It limits the air supply to just enough to get back to the surface.
You see it here mounted on a buoyancy compensator.


 alternate air source for BCD

The AB-2000-BCD with the colored nylon ring (green in picture) is  the new model intended for divers who may go deep or may need to breathe under stress. That may be because of returning against a current or carrying a weight such as a camera or even their buddy.

It is a high performance, nitrox compatible, alternate air source and can supply more air than the diver may need. It can be used to fill lift bags and other work uses.

 alternate air source on buoyancy compensator
The BCD-Air Buddy will mount on any standard size quick connect hose on your buoyancy compensator.It is out of your way until you need it.
It swivels in any direction, so it is just as easy for you as your dive buddy to use.
It functions equally well upside down as right side up.
To get your supply of breathing air, just bite it gently with your teeth and feel the air flood your mouth. 
Most companies are now making power inflators with a built in alternate air source. Its the practical place to have your alternate air source.

All of them, except the Air Buddy have the same problems.
Because they have a diaphragm, if they breathe easily they will free flow when not in use. If you adjust them not to free flow (some companies call it tuning) it will be difficult to breathe. Difficult to breathe means you will use up your remaining air at a faster rate as well as add stress to your situation.

The Air Buddy is the only one that may be disconnected from the power inflator during use and kept in the mouth to breathe while the power inflator is held over the head to bleed air.