Pricing Policy
Since all of the products are shipped from their individual manufacturers or direct distributors, pricing policies, shipping, handling and service charges reflect the charges set by those companies.
We set the prices as low as we can. Our prices are usually much lower than you can obtain in a diveshop. However, small orders, under $100 or so, cannot be handled by the manufacturers economically. They do not have the service staff to handle it. It costs them as much to send out a single mask and snorkel to one of our customers as it does to send a dozen to a dive shop.
We urge you to call your local dive shop and see if you can purchase your equipment from them at a better price than we offer. We really want you to buy from us only if we have the best deal for you.
Because we use a shopping cart software program to handle the large volume of sales, we have had to standardize shipping costs. It has been done by taking an average of product mix and destination from the first year's sales. The shipping prices set in the Dive Shop are for delivery to the lower 48 United States only. Orders from other areas are subject to higher shipping charges. We will notify you of higher charges before processing the order unless you authorize us to just go ahead and ship. Depending on what mix of merchandise you order, sometimes you may come out ahead on shipping charges, sometimes you may come out behind. However, we believe that in all cases, the combination of prices and shipping charges will be much less than you could purchase the same merchandise anywhere else.
Returns Policy
Our returns policy differs with the different merchandise. Our return policy reflects the return policy set by the manufacturers of each item or group of items. Generally speaking, most items can be returned if undamaged and unused for a refund of the purchase price (not including shipping charges).  Items for which we did not charge shipping in the original purchase will hava a shipping charge subtracted from the refund of a returned item. Items that can not be returned under any circumstances, unless the wrong item or faulty items were sent, are scuba tanks, wetsuits and transfer sale merchandise.  Used or damaged merchandise is never returnable.
Guaranties and Warranties
Everything we sell comes with its original manufacturers guaranties and warranties exactly as if you had purchased it over the counter in a dive shop, with the exception of transfer sale merchandise.
Transfer sale merchandise is merchandise which we have purchased from another SCUBA equipment dealer rather than from the manufacturer. The purpose of carrying transfer sale merchandise is to allow us to offer you a wider selection of merchandise. We always attempt to offer transfer sale merchandise at a price that is much lower than what would be charged in a traditional dive shop. Many manufacturers have various kinds of limitations on the sale of their goods. For example, some companies will not sell to mail order or internet dive shops because we offer discounts to our customers.
Since we are not an "authorized dealer" for some of these items, we give you our own company warranty in place of the manufacturers warranty. It will have the same terms and protection for you. The only difference for you is that in the event of needed warranty service, you would contact us for service rather than the manufacturer. We would then forward it to the proper service center.
If you have any questions about our sales or returns policies, or which merchandise might be transfer sales merchandise, please contact us. You can reach us most easily by Email at mailto:info@divesales.com or toll FREE telephone: 888-925-6789.