Air Buddy Upgrade & Service

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The Air Buddy AB2000 NX Nitrox model is now ready.
NOTE: If your Air Buddy has a gold colored nylon ring around the barrel below the mouthpiece, or if you have had your Air Buddy for longer than one year it is time to get it serviced.  If it  has no nylon ring, it is the AB911.  You should consider upgrading it as an AB2000-NX
We  will do a complete safety check and repair or replace anything needed for  only $16.00 plus $8 s/h. That will include parts, labor, postage and insurance. Your Air Buddy needs servicing at least every 2 years.

In addition, when you have your Air Buddy serviced, 
you may have it upgraded to the  AB-2000 NX.

There are now TWO models of the Air Buddy
1. AB-911    identified by the absence of any  nylon ringcompare AB911 to AB2000
This is the original model and will supply enough air  to return to the surface from a maximum depth of 130 feet with no additional stress invloved.  It is intended strictly for beginning divers who will not be encumbered by extra equipment or in an area involving currents.

And now:
2. AB-2000 NX   identified by a colored nylon ring.
The illustration shows one with a green ring.
This is the NITROX friendly, high performance model that will supply enough air to a maximum depth of 300 feet. It will also supply enough air to fill lift bags, blow whistles, and use as a utility air source. It will provide enough air to allow a diver to lift another diver or a big bag of lobsters or a heavy camera back to the surface.


Boh of the models are available in threersions.
1. Octopus
This comes on a standard octopus hose and connects to a low pressure port on  your regulator 1st stage.
2. BCD
This comes on a quick connect mounting that snaps between the low pressure filler hose and the power inflator module on your BCD. It eliminates the need for an octopus hose.  

3. Pony
This comes with the mounting swivels and safety valve allowing you to mount it directly on a regulator 1st stage with no hose to make a very convenient pony bottle rig.