example of photo using balanced light source

Without using a photo white light source the coral fans and whips would all be dull grey. Notice the light does not carry far beyond the diver or into the upper corners. This light is a fantastic light selling for under $50, not a $500 light.  It provides beautiful images for close-up pictures like this one and pictures of fish.

diver using light source

The handiest SCUBA photo light for video or still images.

Professional video and still photography light that can be used as a backup dive light as well. 

in hand

It is small in size so it will never get in your way. The heavy duty wrist lanyard keeps it handy.

complete set

The set includes a high powered 18650 rechargeable 3.6 V battery and charger.


The white light is balanced for accurate color photography. Waterproof to 200 feet.   

The difference

Seawater acts as a blue filter, removing the red end of the spectrum of the sunlight that reaches your subject. The image on the left shows you a picture of a crown of thorns starfish as it looks without the red part of the sunlight. The picture on the right shows you how using a photo balanced light returns the red to your image making it one you can be proud of.

showing light
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