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Compare the Air Buddy to other systems
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     Alternate Air Source on BCD Power Inflator Comparison

   Air Buddy AB-2000

 Air Buddy AB-911

 Atomic SS1 ScubaPro Air2 
 Common Price  $79.95  $59.95  $254.00  $219.00
 Fits on standard BCDs yes   yes  yes  no
 Can function as octopus  yes  yes  no  no
 Can be used on pony bottle  yes  yes  no  no
 Needs servicing  2 years   2 years   2 years  1 year
 Free Flow  No  No  Can free flow   Can free flow
Operating  depth  Any Scuba depth  Sport diving limit  Any Scuba depth  Any Scuba depth
 Nitrox compatible   yes  No   yes  yes
 Seperates from power inflator under water to breathe while holding power inflator over head  yes  yes  no  no